Tropical Cyclone Data Network

Tropical Cyclone Kinetic Energy & Tropical Cyclone Power Charts

The Tropical Cyclone Kinetic Energy (TCKE) scale is an approximation of the energy dissipation and strength of a tropical cyclone. TCKE is derived from Tropical Cyclone Power (TCP), a mathematical model for the kinetic energy dissipation of a tropical cyclone as a result of its winds. The calculation takes into account wind radii of the cyclone and its maximum sustained winds. TCP/TCKE are underestimates, as they are only calculated for wind speeds greater than 34 knots. As such, only cyclones of tropical storm intensity or greater can have values of TCKE calculated for them. Nonetheless, both TCP and TCKE are good measures for the strength of a tropical cyclone and its potential for human impact. In addition, it can be used like Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) to measure and compare the overall activity of cyclone seasons. Unlike the ACE system, TCP/TCKE values can be expressed in basic SI units. The calculation of TCP outputs values in watts (W), which can easily be converted into a measure of total energy output in joules (J). Due to the intensity of tropical cyclones these units will generally be prefixed with tera- and exa- to represent terawatts (TW; 1012 watts) and exajoules (EJ; 1018 joules). Higher TCP values are produced by tropical cyclones with larger wind radii and/or higher sustained winds. Just as storms with stronger winds are much more violent and have a larger potential for significant damage, storms with larger wind radii have a higher potential for damage by buffeting larger swaths of land and sea with their winds.

For each cyclone in the Atlantic and East Pacific basins, its peak power (P) and total dissipated kinetic energy (Ek) are listed.


West Pacific (experimental)

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2017 WP03 (Muifa)0.3700.049
2017 WP04 (Merbok)0.7050.063
2017 WP05 (Nanmadol)0.9810.096
2017 WP06 (Talas)1.9250.195
2017 WP07 (Noru)11.7458.028
2017 WP08 (Sonca)0.5720.079
2017 WP09 (Kulap)4.0950.703
2017 WP10 (Roke)0.7190.031
2017 WP11 (Nesat)5.6871.345
2017 WP12 (Haitang)2.5350.222
2017 WP13 (Nalgae)1.9960.296
Seasonal Sum11.107
East Pacific

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2017 EP01 (Adrian)0.2880.017
2017 EP02 (Beatriz)0.1560.011
2017 EP03 (Calvin)0.2960.012
2017 EP04 (Dora)1.6930.198
2017 EP05 (Eugene)4.1680.696
2017 EP06 (Fernanda)3.8581.720
2017 EP07 (Greg)0.7570.203
2017 EP09 (Hilary)2.5900.822
2017 EP10 (Irwin)1.2590.454
Seasonal Sum4.133

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2017 AL01 (Arlene)3.1820.120
2017 AL02 (Bret)0.9740.067
2017 AL03 (Cindy)4.0370.458
2017 AL05 (Don)0.1090.008
2017 AL06 (Emily)0.2190.015
2017 AL07 (Franklin)3.4420.544
Seasonal Sum1.212

Southwest Indian (experimental)

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2017 SH01 (Abela)2.3830.436
2017 SH04 (Carlos)2.2430.883
2017 SH05 (Dineo)4.3650.698
2017 SH09 (Enawo)18.1524.607
2017 SH11 (Fernando)2.6730.314
Seasonal Sum6.938
Australian region (experimental)

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2017 SH02 (Yvette)1.7300.317
2017 SH03 (14U)1.1930.151
2017 SH06 (Alfred)0.4540.040
2017 SH10 (Blanche)0.3780.025
2017 SH12 (Caleb)1.5720.428
2017 SH13 (Debbie)10.3272.177
2017 SH15 (Ernie)5.8610.982
2017 SH17 (Frances)1.5980.319
Seasonal Sum4.439
South Pacific (experimental)

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2017 SH07 (Bart)3.0750.392
2017 SH08 (14F)3.9600.244
2017 SH14 (19F)0.4090.024
2017 SH16 (Cook)6.2051.212
2017 SH18 (Donna)11.9714.104
2017 SH19 (Ella)1.2730.358
Seasonal Sum6.334


West Pacific (experimental)

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2016 WP02 (Nepartak)??
2016 WP04 (Lupit)0.9150.078
2016 WP05 (Mirinae)1.0440.099
2016 WP06 (Nida)7.4611.227
2016 WP07 (Omais)18.3094.227
2016 WP08 (Conson)4.5741.141
2016 WP09 (Chanthu)3.7630.617
2016 WP10 (Mindulle)0.9290.231
2016 WP11 (Dianmu)0.7440.032
2016 WP12 (Lionrock)14.0565.387
2016 WP13 (Kompasu)2.0460.088
2016 WP15 (Namtheun)2.2650.392
2016 WP16 (Meranti)25.9154.707
2016 WP18 (Malakas)8.4342.830
2016 WP20 (Megi)19.8235.537
2016 WP21 (Chaba)5.4401.522
2016 WP22 (Aere)1.3470.221
2016 WP23 (Songda)10.2121.773
2016 WP24 (Sarika)6.9652.015
2016 WP25 (Haima)18.7656.005
2016 WP26 (Meari)14.1973.306
2016 WP27 (Ma-on)0.2060.017
2016 WP29 (Tokage)0.9550.188
2016 WP30 (Nock-ten)7.9362.021
Seasonal Sum43.661
East Pacific

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2016 CP01 (Pali)3.7371.330
2016 EP01 (One-E)--
2016 EP02 (Agatha)0.1940.025
2016 EP03 (Blas)6.6292.121
2016 EP04 (Celia)4.3191.377
2016 EP05 (Darby)3.8541.968
2016 EP06 (Estelle)5.2081.563
2016 EP07 (Frank)1.7090.475
2016 EP08 (Georgette)2.6780.358
2016 EP09 (Howard)1.3760.166
2016 EP10 (Ivette)0.7560.193
2016 EP11 (Javier)1.2700.099
2016 EP12 (Kay)0.2840.075
2016 EP13 (Lester)6.0643.036
2016 EP14 (Madeline)5.1100.816
2016 EP15 (Newton)5.8680.875
2016 EP16 (Orlene)3.4390.807
2016 EP17 (Paine)2.6430.315
2016 EP18 (Roslyn)2.0180.238
2016 EP19 (Ulika)0.5380.075
2016 EP20 (Seymour)2.6900.485
2016 EP21 (Tina)0.6500.034
2016 AL16 (Otto)1.0660.116
Seasonal Sum16.547

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2016 AL01 (Alex)21.0090.934
2016 AL02 (Bonnie)0.2050.014
2016 AL03 (Colin)3.7770.414
2016 AL04 (Danielle)0.5920.031
2016 AL05 (Earl)2.2480.359
2016 AL06 (Fiona)0.3950.063
2016 AL07 (Gaston)9.4873.797
2016 AL09 (Hermine)6.2100.809
2016 AL10 (Ian)4.7271.202
2016 AL11 (Julia)0.5320.061
2016 AL12 (Karl)4.9621.307
2016 AL13 (Lisa)1.5640.327
2016 AL14 (Matthew)11.1216.239
2016 AL15 (Nicole)46.85613.604
2016 AL16 (Otto)1.6070.261
Seasonal Sum29.422

Southwest Indian (experimental)

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2016 SH03 (Annabelle)2.3000.645
2016 SH05 (Bohale)0.8100.120
2016 SH08 (Corentin)10.3803.299
2016 SH10 (Daya)1.3800.117
2016 SH13 (Uriah)11.2442.967
2016 SH15 (Emeraude)4.9941.060
2016 SH17 (07)0.2390.030
2016 SH19 (Fantala)10.3784.665
Seasonal Sum12.903
Australian region (experimental)

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2016 SH09 (Stan)2.9130.325
2016 SH12 (Tatiana)1.3940.136
2016 SH13 (Uriah)3.1040.186
2016 SH16 (14U)0.6030.027
Seasonal Sum0.674
South Pacific (experimental)

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2016 SH02 (02F)0.8290.112
2016 SH04 (Tuni)0.7770.145
2016 SH06 (Ula)6.0072.677
2016 SH07 (Victor)16.5364.885
2016 SH11 (Winston)10.5417.157
2016 SH12 (Tatiana)2.0960.132
2016 SH14 (Yalo)1.0440.120
2016 SH18 (Zena)1.3550.154
2016 SH20 (Amos)2.0750.656
Seasonal Sum16.038


East Pacific

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2015 EP01 (Andres)9.2382.174
2015 EP02 (Blanca)14.8593.491
2015 EP03 (Carlos)2.0480.449
2015 EP04 (Ela)*0.2300.015
2015 CP01 (Halola)*0.4890.049
2015 CP02 (Iune)*0.1240.010
2015 EP05 (Dolores)5.9481.906
2015 EP06 (Enrique)0.6320.140
2015 EP07 (Felicia)
2015 EP08 (Eight-E)--
2015 EP09 (Guillermo)4.2841.749
2015 EP10 (Hilda)3.7410.680
2015 EP11 (Eleven-E)--
2015 CP03 (Kilo)*12.0092.001
2015 CP04 (Loke)*4.1250.300
2015 EP12 (Ignacio)*9.7774.316
2015 EP13 (Jimena)12.4927.208
2015 EP14 (Kevin)0.9870.114
2015 EP15 (Linda)6.2661.015
2015 CP05 (Malia)*1.9500.151
2015 EP16 (Sixteen-E)--
2015 CP06 (Niala)*1.3250.169
2015 EP17 (Marty)1.4200.274
2015 CP07 (Oho)*11.9301.580
2015 CP08 (Eight-C)--
2015 EP18 (Nora)0.6930.118
2015 EP19 (Olaf)8.8363.931
2015 EP20 (Patricia)7.5850.984
2015 EP21 (Rick)0.3220.035
2015 EP22 (Sandra)5.2640.875
2015 CP09 (Nine-C)--
Seasonal Sum33.745

StormP (TW)Ek (EJ)
2015 AL01 (Ana)2.4960.484
2015 AL02 (Bill)1.9960.208
2015 AL03 (Claudette)0.8590.076
2015 AL04 (Danny)1.0030.255
2015 AL05 (Erika)1.8800.320
2015 AL06 (Fred)1.5440.331
2015 AL07 (Grace)0.4830.068
2015 AL08 (Henri)2.6720.390
2015 AL09 (Nine)--
2015 AL10 (Ida)3.4340.753
2015 AL11 (Joaquin)16.0926.994
2015 AL12 (Kate)7.1260.406
Seasonal Sum10.285