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Boba Yusyk (or Boba úsyk in Yoka Ci), pronounced [bouba jusyk], is a bustling port city in YKAR. It is home to over 340,000 people, making it the most populous port in YKAR and the second most populous city (after Ansebulún).

The name Boba Yusyk comes from proto-yoka ci *boba úsyk, which means "round bark", referring to the large and oddly shaped Boba Trees in the local area.


Boba Yusyk was founded 2 years after Vikasa and was the first to be founded in the Yoka Ci area.

During Rivesi's Rule, it was taken over and used an outpost to trade with Lysteriok and the archipelagos between Lysteriok and Arioko.

Boba Yusyk's official language is Lascipha, a distinct dialect of the Yoka Ci language. Boba Yusyk translated into Lascipha is actually "pwpa uśk" [pʷʼpa ʊsʲk], but the official name is still Boba Yusyk.

Boba Yusyk's gdp is equivalent to $13billion usd - or ~50,000 per capita.

Boba Yusyk today is the largest port in Yoka Ci handling ~130 million tonnes of cargo annually (or 60% of Yoka Ci traffic, or 20% of Aiyoti traffic).