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The Free Federation of Amalthea (Soleani: napilinša annalwtzí) is a transitional supranational organization between the states of Amalthea established under the Articles on the Establishment of a Free Federation of Amalthean States for uniting the people of Universalis under one cooperative force for the collective good of all humans and saguans. Several delegates from each member nation meets in Kyalwaqi, Auspikitan once a year for a month to discuss the most significant problems and concerns facing the Amalthean continent. As a free federation, member nations are able to govern and act as individual sovereign nations, dealing with their own internal and external affairs, but must meet strict standards set by the Free Federation Council and undergo evaluations to ensure top-quality human rights and proper environmental protection.


As of 614, the Free Federation is on course for unification on or around 650.

The government of the Federation of Amalthea will be the Federation Council, and expanded version of the Free Federation Council, and will replace the Auspik government's Federal Building in Auspikitan.

Free Federation Council

The Free Federation Council is the provisional governmental body of the Free Federation. It presently holds fifty seats and has no head of government. The seats of the Free Federation Council consist of delegates from each of the member nations of the Free Federation. How many delegates each nation is allowed is determined by their population and relative regional influence, and represented by their tier. Each national delegate is elected democratically in their nation of origin.

The council meets annually in the purpose-built city of Kyalwaqi in Auspikitan.

what do they do? how do they convene? organizational structure? what are they allowed to discuss?


Tier IV - Founders

Tier III - Influential powers

Tier II - Nations

Tier I - Tribes and Microstates

Currently the Free Federation is accepting applications from other nations, and all nations on the Amalthean mainland are eligible, such as Blaist Blaland, Barsein, and the Pentadominion of Distopia. Island nations of the Serkr are purportedly not being considered as "a large standing navy, with capabilities to support, aid, and trade with the [Serkr] island nations, is currently not in our capacity to support, despite some members of the Federation already doing so" says spokesperson Alit'a Yerekebvi (ds) of the Free Federation Council. Experts do not discount that within several decades an agreement between the Free Federation and the Serkr Archipelago League very well could merge the SAL into the Free Federation.


Candidate members

Blaist Blaland


Serkr Archipelago League