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The Holrome System, made up of all orbiting objects and of those orbiting of them, is a star system located in the Great Belt region of the Galaxiversalis Galaxy. It is orbited by nine planets and a multitude of various smaller objects including dwarf planets, asteroids and human-made habitats.

It formed 4.65 billion years ago when a rather large cloud of gas began to collapse on itself. Most of the system's mass is located in its single star known as Holrome, and the majority of the rest is located mostly in the nine orbiting planets. The six inner planets all share the characteristics of a rocky surface and are known as the Inner Planets. They range in size from 1-8 times the mass of Earth, and orbit within 1.2AU of Holrome. Next are the transitional planets. These are Havraen and TRANSITIONARY_GAS_GIANT_2, both of which are smaller ice giants. Outwards of that are NUM_OF_OUTER_PLANETS outer planets, named OUTER_PLANET_LIST.


there is a big star


Inner System

Planet 1

Planet 2

Planet 3

Planet 4

Planet 5

Planet 6

Transitional System


Havraen is the seventh planet from the sun, orbiting once every 1.491 years at a distance of 1.86 AU. It is roughly 19 times as massive as Earth, and has a surface temperature of about -140C. Its atmosphere features mainly ammonia ice clouds, giving it an orange-like colour palette. Havraen is orbited by one large moon, Sikazhe, and several other smaller dwarf moons.

Planet 8

Outer System

Planet 9