List of flags of sovereign nations

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Flag Nation
Flag of Aegakwet.png Aegakwet
Flag of Aeridani.png Aeridani
Flag of Aiyota.png Aiyota
Flag of Hinaika.png Hinaika


Flag Nation
Flag of Bongatar.png Bongatar


Flag Nation
Flag of Teralm.png Teralm


Flag Nation
Flag of Bielosia.png Bielosia


Flag Nation
Flag of Aahrus.png Aahrus
Flag of Ethanthova.png Ethanthova
Flag of Dotruga.png Dotruga


Flag Nation
Flag of Czalliso.png Czalliso


Flag Nation
Flag of Aovensiiv.png Sagacious Republic of Aovensiiv
Flag of Auspikitan.png Sagacious Republic of Auspikitan
Flag of Blaist Blaland.png Blaist Blaland
Flag of Bloodbow.png Armed State of Bloodbow
Flag of Darvincia.png Darvincia
Flag of Enapi.png Enapi
Flag of Futi'akep.png Futi'akep
Flag of Kateŋkwei.png Kateŋkwei
Flag of Oesa.png Confederation of Serkr Islands Oesa
Flag of The Land of the Red Rainbow.png The Land of the Red Rainbow
Flag of Solea.png Socialist Autarky of Solea
Flag of Wyverncliff.png Wyverncliff
Flag of Zapfna.png Zapfna