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Downloads Page

All downloadable scripts and software provided on this page are available to be downloaded free of charge, simply by right-clicking the "download" link provided and selecting "Save As..." and placing it anywhere on your computer that you like.

Perl Scripts


Fibbonacci Sequence/Phi Calculator v 1.1 - Oct ?, 2011

This calculator was created out of boredom during my Geometry class. The first version was written out on a piece of paper I stole from my binder.

Extrasolar Planet Transit Calculator v 1.1 - Apr 7, 2011

This Perl script was developed for use with calculating extrasolar planet characteristics from Kepler data and PlanetHunters, a project by Zooniverse.

Download (Perl script only)

Not Supported/No longer being updated

Perlulator v1.0 - September 3, 2010

A horribly functioning calculator that I didn't put much work into, at all.

Download (Perl script only)

2D Planetary Gravity Simulator v1.0 - Apr 12, 2011

This took days of work with writing on a whiteboard with vectors and trigonometry to figure out how to code, but I finally finished it and discovered that I can't really tell whether it works or not. Maybe Perl's variables can't handle precise enough values? I'm not sure but the script is available for anyone wanting to check it out. I may decide to try to work on this again, most likely in Visual Basic.

Download (Perl script only)

Google Earth KMLs

Tropical Cyclone App - since Dec 26, 2011

This KML will allow you to view current and past tropical cyclone tracks and imagery every 6 hours as I add them and as they are active. I use data from the respective RSMCs that have official responsibility over the cyclones. Once a day, this will be updated, and I'm hoping to keep this running for as long as possible.


VB.NET Software


Map War 2: the Game

This is a current project. Follow my progress (along with Bla's) at this location (my username is NeutronStar).

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