Paladin of Storms

Welcome to Kalassak's personal homepage, Paladin of Storms. On this site you will find many of my works, tests, and experiments which I am motivated enough to complete, or at the very least upload to this website. Most of the stuff here is outdated and I've probably forgotten about it, but it is here for posterity.

As not every major page can be linked below the banner, I have created this page as an outdated list of old major, useful pages I have created, unfinished and all. Please note that it is not organized either.

What else is on this site? I don't know, you'll have to find out.

Recent Projects

Tropical Cyclones

Recently, I've rebooted my online TC project(s). You can find tools, data, and imagery (including the advisory archiver below) here.

Universalis Time

Conworld time... online! (here)

pywx - Tropical Cyclone Advisory Archiver

The python script for catching and parsing tropical cyclone advisories, which used to be desktop-based, is now online. You can find it here.


This website also hosts the official Universalis Wiki. It is an in-progress database of data compiled about our in-progress worldbuilding project between users of the Universe Sandbox Forum.

Page last updated: 20160427 00:05 UTC